Are you worried about Crooked teeth or Gaps in teeth?

Clear aligners are a system that will give you beautiful straight teeth without the discomfort and appearance of traditional Braces. Customized transparent trays, called aligners, are used to gently bring your teeth into their correct alignment. They can practically correct any problems that traditional braces can fix from crooked teeth, spacing in between your teeth to problems with your bite. So say Goodbye to Metal Braces and Say Hello to your New Smile with Clear Aligners.

The Smiles that We have Transformed

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Patient Testimonials!!

I went for my mother’s treatment a month ago, n got very good treatment for my mother. And doctors are very helpful in all the respects and manage patients time very well so that patient don’t have to wait, very responsive and always ready to attend my mother in case of any issue. Had a very nice experience. Great service šŸ™‚

Harshit Sinha

I was looking for the Braces Treatment in Lucknow & somehow I come to know a New Technology call Invisalign Braces. I visited Many Dental Clinic & mostly will offer you this treatment in really high Price even they are not Certified by This Company Call Invisalign. After a couple of Doctors, I visited Arya Dental Clinic Gomti Nagar. I got her reference by Invisalign Website as they have a list of Certified Doctors.Dr. Sonahita Agarwal is very Friendly & knowledgeable.
If someone looking for this treatment to get your Teeth Straight or Fill the Gap & you don’t wanna wear a Braces which can be seen by anyone especially if you working this is the best treatment. These Braces can’t be seen by anyone easily. It’s a Painless Process & the results are amazing. My Treatment is done & I am really Happy with the Result.
Dr. Sonahita Agarwal has been supportive and friendly throughout the whole treatment. She is always available for her Patient anytime you needed (By Phone or Text).
I am highly satisfied with the service and treatment offered at their clinic. I would recommend them for anyone who is looking for a hassle-free, friendly and efficient dental care.Visit Arya Dental Clinic Gomti Nagar & hopefully you will not be disappointed.
Again Big Thanks to Dr. Sonahita Agarwal šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

Manoj Joshi

She is a nice well behaved experienced orthodontist. She is having very good hand and good results on pts till date. She exercises most recent techniques on patients with utmost calm and patience that is why gets always wanted good results.I recommend her as one of the best orthodontist in UP.

Tilak AG

A Simple Fix for Gapped, Crooked, or Otherwise Misaligned Teeth

Why Clear Aligners?

  • Transparent aligners make it almost invisible so that no one knows you are wearing them

  • Fewer Food Restrictions as its easy, convenient to remove beforehand

  • Easy to wash and care for best Hygiene and Maintenance

  • Avoiding Injury during sports and other physical activities

  • No lifestyle changes: Take a Selfie whenever you want!

  • No need to come for Frequent Appointments to adjust them

  • The average treatment time is lesser than that of usual Braces.

  • Last but most importantly, the quality of the treatment is upgraded as everything is digitized and customized.

What are Clear Aligners?


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Dr. Sonahita Agarwal, our House Orthodontist is all about creating an atmosphere of comfort and ease for the patient. She has been trained in Invisalign clear aligners, Flash Aligners, and other aligners too. She is all about sincerity, passion, and empathy for the patients.

Dr. Sonahita Agarwal

Clear Aligner Expert